Massage Packages

Infinity offers a variety of 5 and 10 session packages that allow you to pre-pay for future massage sessions and enjoy the great savings. Choose from the following:

Save $5 per session when you choose a 5 Session Package!
5 Session PackagesPriceYou Save
30 Minute Sessions$250$25
45 Minute Sessions$325$25
60 Minute Sessions$425$25
75 Minute Sessions$550$25
90 Minute Sessions$650$25
2 Hour Sessions$875$25
Save your 11th session FREE when you choose a 10 Session Package!
10 Session PackagesPriceYou Save
30 Minute Sessions$550$55
45 Minute Sessions$700$70
60 Minute Sessions$900$90
75 Minute Sessions$1,150$115
90 Minute Sessions$1,350$135
2 Hour Sessions$1,800$180
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*Package purchase may be eligible to use with your HSA or Flexible Spending Plan. Package discount cannot be combined with any additional discount or promotion.