Massage Packages

Infinity offers a variety of 5 and 10 session packages that allow you to pre-pay for future massage sessions and enjoy the great savings. Plus, packages can be shared with friends and family so it’s an ideal way to share and save! Choose from the following:

Save $5 per session when you choose a 5 Session Package!
5 Session PackagesPriceYou Save
30 Minute Sessions$250$25
45 Minute Sessions$325$25
60 Minute Sessions$425$25
75 Minute Sessions$550$25
90 Minute Sessions$650$25
2 Hour Sessions$875$25
Get your 11th session FREE when you choose a 10 Session Package!
10 Session PackagesPriceYou Save
30 Minute Sessions$550$55
45 Minute Sessions$700$70
60 Minute Sessions$900$90
75 Minute Sessions$1,150$115
90 Minute Sessions$1,350$135
2 Hour Sessions$1,800$180
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*Package purchase may be eligible to use with your HSA or Flexible Spending Plan. Package discount cannot be combined with any additional discount or promotion.